Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Nominations Premio Lo Nuestro

The album Chosen Few/Emerald received two nominations in the urban music stock category for the once a year show Premio Lo Nuestro. The award ceremoney is going live Febuary 23,2006. The album sold more then 50,000 copies and has a dvd which shows the history where the reggaeton started. There is going to be a new album coming up that is going to be called El Documental 2 which ther are going to be plently of reggeaton artist like Don Omar, Angel y Khriz, Zion and Lennox, LDA, and more. The awards are going to be choosen by the votes people make threw the internet. Thanks to stars like Don Omar, and Daddy Yankee reggeaton has gone worldwide and still growing in popularity. Many say that music colleges are now more populated beacuse of stars like Omar and Daddy.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Don Omar News

Don Omar today went to his country and gave out a free concert to celabrate the holidays. Lots of fans were there and everybody had fun and enjoyed his great music. Also wanted to say that Daddy Yankee gave Don Omar a gift rumors say it was a shirt. So they don"t hate each other like people think they do.

Don Omar News

Don Omar went today to la isla del encanto to celebrate Dia de Reyes a very nice and old tradition from his country. In that day kids get gifts kinda like christmas. There Don Omar went to the mall and spent time with the children giving out gifts like childrens music cd's, books and autographs. The good thing about Don Omar is no matter how much money and fame he has he is always thinking of his people.