Saturday, June 24, 2006

Get Ready UK Fans

People have been asking for this a very long time, so now its coming true because Don Omar, one of the biggest reggaeton stars, is going to the UK in August, the bad part is he is only doing one concert, but trust me its going to be great and already people are asking about the tickets. That's going to be the first time Don Omar touches British land and I can assure you its not going to be the last. The concert is going to be at the London's Academy on the 4th of August. You can buy the tickets online now. Once again Don Omar is expanding his music all over the world, I wonder just how popular he is going to get.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Don Omar Goes to Hollywood

Has i mention earlier in the post Don Omar recorded the song "Conteo" for the film The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift' which he is also taking part in the movie. Don Omar's part in the film takes place in a car lot that is in Los Angeles. The video was produced by Jessie Terrero, he has worked for artist like Sean Paul, 50 Cent, and other famous artist. The crazy part is the the recording lasted for more then 14 hours which is a lot in my clock. In the making of the recording more then 83 people participating and part of does were dancers, technical personnel's, and vestuarista. Don Omar said that the recording was very hard and intense but he enjoyed it a lot and that he was very happy they selected his song "Conteo" for the film promotion. Changing the subject a little Don Omar is going to South of Korea and singing his great music to 5 military bases, so i really admire him for doing that.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Video Angelito Vuela

Well everybody is talking about the album Kings of Kings and his hit song "Angelito Vuela" which the song gives a message that love can reach deadly consecuences beacuse of the std's. So remember to always protect yourself and don't let one night ruin your life. Here i have the video i hope you like it.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Don Omar In Hospital

Don Omar was hospitalize in New Jersy, because he started vomiting and fainting . The reggaeton star started feeling bad when he arrived to Puerto Rico which could be related to the intense stress he has in his agenda which he started in November. The press conference and the interviews he had planed in New York has been cancelled.

Update-The rumors that Don Omar was in the hospital were false said his publicize. The interviews and press conference was canceled due to a meeting with his doctor because he wasn't feeling well. Now he is back and doing his promotional tour of his album "Kings Of Kings". He is also going to the Puerto Rican parade which is on June 11th. So for does that had questions about Don Omar health he is fine and feeling better then ever.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Don Omar #1 En Sell's

The Puerto Rican Don Omar has the best selling album this week and maybe is one of the reasons the album is called "Kings Of Kings". But now there is a lot of buzz in the air because there are fans that didn't like some tracks of Don Omar saying that they were wack. I can understand that people dont like every single track in the song its normal. Steffen Riise Andersen said in summary that people expected to much from the album "Kings Of kings" but high hopes equals to easy disappointment. Some fans mentioned that there were no direct beats produced by Luny Tunes and probably that's why people are saying these things about some tracks. From what many are saying the best songs that fans like are "Contteo", "Reportense", "Tu No Sabes", "Infieles", and of course "Angelito Vuela". In my opinion the album is good and i like almost all of the tracks but people are saying these comments because there not used to a different styles that Don Omar has implemented in the songs. But even if 100% of the people didn't like the some songs he still manages to be number one in the "Top Latin Album" and number 7 in the "Billboard 200".

Friday, June 02, 2006

Don Omar and Britney Spears

The records sells that New York has of Britney Spears was broken with the Puerto Rican Don Omar, which did history in the store Virgen Mega on Disney, Florida when thousands of his fans went to buy his new album Kings Of The Kings and also to get pictures and autographs from him. His new song "Angelito Vuela" is has or more famous then his old song "Pobre Diabla" which everybody remembers. Also Don Omar went to the store of Best Buy were he also singed autographs and it's calculated that more then 1,545 people were there. Another place he went was in the city of Tacoma Parck in Maryland, thousands of people circled the bus were Don Omar was, which police had to intervene so they could control the area. The reggaeton artist has programed a tour in Latin America which is going to start in the country of Venezuela, and have several presentations. Omar is coming to New York on on the June 7th to do a press conference and also some interviews. Don Omar said that having his album "Kings Of Kings" is another dream that has come true and he is very proud of himself.