Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hector El Father vs Don Omar

As some of you may have heard, Don Omar and Hector The Father are having some problems. Since last year, they have been enemies for reasons that we do not know. The last concert that Don Omar did, which was in Puerto Rico, he started criticizing Hector. The word that Don Omar described Hector the Father was "Hipocrita," which means Hypocrite.

The father said that he is not surprised that Don Omar was talking bad about him because he also has done the same to him. I think this is kind of childish, that these two wealthy, famous, talented artist have to be enemies. If only they talk like real adults, then probably all o this would have never happened.

Don't think Daddy Yankee is not in this, all of you know that Daddy Yankee dislikes Don Omar, but i found out it was because Don Omar was talking crap about him. So, not only is Hector El Father having problems with Don Omar, but Daddy Yankee to.

I wonder when these guys are going to grow up.