Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hector El Father vs Don Omar

As some of you may have heard, Don Omar and Hector The Father are having some problems. Since last year, they have been enemies for reasons that we do not know. The last concert that Don Omar did, which was in Puerto Rico, he started criticizing Hector. The word that Don Omar described Hector the Father was "Hipocrita," which means Hypocrite.

The father said that he is not surprised that Don Omar was talking bad about him because he also has done the same to him. I think this is kind of childish, that these two wealthy, famous, talented artist have to be enemies. If only they talk like real adults, then probably all o this would have never happened.

Don't think Daddy Yankee is not in this, all of you know that Daddy Yankee dislikes Don Omar, but i found out it was because Don Omar was talking crap about him. So, not only is Hector El Father having problems with Don Omar, but Daddy Yankee to.

I wonder when these guys are going to grow up.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Don Omar Going To Be a Dad

The reggaeton star Don Omar has been notified by the DNA test center in Puerto Rico that he has tested positive for the paternity test with a 99.99% match. This is strong news for this artist, as he was not expecting this, but overall he is happy that he gets to be a dad.

Not only is Don Omar going to be a dad, but he has lost 33 pounds just like Daddy Yankee did last month with 25 pounds lost. So it seems that these two reggaeton stars are in strict diets.

The newspaper "Primera Hora" as said that Don Omar is doing a daily exercise routine and eating foods rich in protein with no carbohydrates.

Don Omar is going to be a new person in 2007 with a new look and becoming a dad.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Don Omar Video

Don Omar is currently doing a big tour in Europe and everythig is going great for him. He also went to the Latin Grammy's on November 7th, even though he didn't get to win a grammy, he still had lots of fun in the event. He also mentioned that he is going to be releasing some new songs that are going to be a hit.

Here is a music video Of Don Omar singing with the group Aventura in a concert in the city of Mexico.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Don Omar Wins Award

The reggaeton king Don Omar won another award in the MTV Latinos once a year show. He won the MTV Viewers Choice Award. This was celebrating in the city of Mexico. Don Omar said " I feel very proud of this and i have to thank my fans, if it wasn't for all does people out there who from the beginning were true fans of mine i wouldn't be here right now."

I congratulate Don Omar for reaching another goal in his life and i hope he keeps breaking records.

Don Omar Wins Award

The reggaeton king Don Omar won another award in the MTV Latinos once a year show. He won the MTV Viewers Choice Award. This was celebrating in the city of Mexico. Don Omar said " I feel very proud of this and i have to thank my fans, if it wasn't for all does people out there who from the beginning were true fans of mine i wouldn't be here right now."

I congratulate Don Omar for reaching another goal in his life and i hope he keeps breaking records.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Angelito Vuela

Don Omar several months ago lunched his music video Angelito Vuela. This had to be one of the most popular videos Don Omar has ever made in his career, You can tell by the video that he truly sings from his heart and wants to deliver his message to the world. Many were confused about what the video said, but the message that Don Omar wants to deliver in this video is that you should always protect yourself to avoid HIV. Here is the video>

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Don Omar Finally Going To Hollywood.

For years the king of reggaeton Don Omar dreamed of acting in hollywood and it seems like this dream has come true for him. Don Omar is going to do a part in the upcoming movie The Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift. This all became possible because Don Omar and Ven Disel became great friends and Ven worked hard to find him a part in the movie. This is not going to be easy for Don Omar because he is going to take some acting classes for several months, but he says its all worth the hard work. So not only is Don Omar a top reggaeton artist, but also a Hollywood actor.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Don Omar Nominated

Don Omar is now nominated for best Latin artist in the VMAs. He has proven to the public that he loves his career and he only does top quality music. Omar has traveled the world promoting his songs everywhere, and now its paying off. Don Omar is competing with artist like Daddy Yankee and Shakira, so its going to be a tuff competition.

His latest album has been a mayor success and has sold more copies then any other album Omar has made.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Don Omar Returns

As many of you know the last time Don Omar went to Mexico it was a mayor success and the concert was one of the best. All the tickets sold out and he made everybody dance his music. Now Don Omar is going to repeat this because he is going back to Mexico on September 15th, as part of his promotional tour.

There were many rumors that Don Omar was going to cancel everything because he was very sick, but he said he is already feeling better and that he would never do that to his fans. So we hope Don Omar recovers fast, and that you make history over at Mexico.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Don Omar With Beyonce

The Puerto Rican Star Don Omar has just said to the press that he is going to record a song with the hot, talented, and beautiful star Beyonce. Don Omar said to the magazine People In Espanol, "We have just finished a business deal with Beyonces boyfriend jaz-Z."

Don Omar also said, "The song is going to be like a hip hop style, but there is going to be some reggaeton to the mix." They are going to record the song in New York city.

I must add that Don Omar is going to be in Beyonce's new album B,Day, which comes out in early september.

I find this news great, and Don Omar is only going to get more and more famous has time passes, and many people are going to see his great talent and personality. His people from Puerto Rico are very proud of him.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Don Omar With Madonna

Its been a while since i don't post her, but its because I'm working on other projects right now, and also because there isn't any new news on Don Omar, well today there is.

The King of reggaeton Don Omar is going to Rome again, but this time with the pop star Madonna. They are going to animate a very popular event in Rome, called Estate Romana. Its part of the Romans culture.

In the event there's going to be lots of music, live shows, food, exhibitions, and much more. You could compare this event with something like the Puerto Rican parade in New York, not exactly the same, but pretty close. Madonna and Don Omar animating the event is pretty weird, but lets see how it goes.

And remember guys, if you want to ask questions, or give me news on Don Omar you can email me anytime. My email address is at the bottom side of this page.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Don Omar Heading To Venezuela

As part of Don Omar's Tour, he is heading to the country of Venezuela. Don Omar is going to 3 different cities which two of them are Margarita and Caracas. But he is not going alone because other reggaeton singers are going to be present, like Wisin y Yandel.

The concert is going to be at 6:00 pm in Margarita and 4:00 pm in Caracas. Omar is bringing the ultimate technical crew, so that his songs like "Dale don Dale", "Ella y Yo", "La batidora", "Angelito Vuela", and more can sound excellent.

Changing the subject just a little, some medias over in Puerto Rico have said that Don Omar and Daddy Yankee once again are not talking to each other because of some type of problem. The strange thing here is that Daddy Yankee told the media that the problem started when Wisin y Yandel told false information to Don Omar causing Omar to have differences with Yankee. I wonder what Wisin y Yandel told Don Omar.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

More On Don Omar 's Tour

William Omar, better known has Don Omar is heading to Mexico City has most of you know. Omar is going to Mexico to demonstrate why he is considered one of the best reggaeton artist. He is going to do several interviews and press conference's, and of course sing for all his fans out there.

Don Omar is going to sing all his newest songs from his album Kings of Kings and older songs, like pobre diabla, cuentale, dale don dale, etc. Does songs are one of a kind, and most people are always going to like them, no matter how old they get.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Don Omar Enters The English Market

The new album of Don Omar "Kings of Kings" is more successful then Omar expected. He is also in the English Billboards, in 7th place, demonstrating that the hot reggaeton is moving to the English market like never before. The name Kings of Kings is now a good name for Don Omar, because of his hot selling album.

This success is because of the reggaeton crossing over, threw all the United States. People from every language and race is listening to reggaeton more and more, there's no stopping now. Like i said before and i would keep saying, reggaeton is here to stay.

The duo Wisin y Yandel is also seeing the amazing success, because they are getting great sells, and are in the top of the Latin billboards.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Don Omar Heading To The City

Don Omar is going to the city of Mexico this August, to do some shows. The reggaeton king, is doing his first concert in the beaches of Cancun, August 17. From there he is heading to places like, Monterrey, Veracruz, and other towns near by. His tour in Mexico, is for the promotion of his new album Kings of kings, which is in the top spot for the Latin Billboards, in the categories of, Best Album Latino and best Latin song.

The artist Rey Pirin, which has won the confidence of Don Omar, and at the same time has him has his boss. Rey Pirin is now going to be the general productor of the All Star Records. Rey Pirin and Don Omar are very close friends, that respect each other tremendously. Rey Pirin is a christian artist, and is one of the most talented people in the reggaeton music industry.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Get Ready UK Fans

People have been asking for this a very long time, so now its coming true because Don Omar, one of the biggest reggaeton stars, is going to the UK in August, the bad part is he is only doing one concert, but trust me its going to be great and already people are asking about the tickets. That's going to be the first time Don Omar touches British land and I can assure you its not going to be the last. The concert is going to be at the London's Academy on the 4th of August. You can buy the tickets online now. Once again Don Omar is expanding his music all over the world, I wonder just how popular he is going to get.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Don Omar Goes to Hollywood

Has i mention earlier in the post Don Omar recorded the song "Conteo" for the film The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift' which he is also taking part in the movie. Don Omar's part in the film takes place in a car lot that is in Los Angeles. The video was produced by Jessie Terrero, he has worked for artist like Sean Paul, 50 Cent, and other famous artist. The crazy part is the the recording lasted for more then 14 hours which is a lot in my clock. In the making of the recording more then 83 people participating and part of does were dancers, technical personnel's, and vestuarista. Don Omar said that the recording was very hard and intense but he enjoyed it a lot and that he was very happy they selected his song "Conteo" for the film promotion. Changing the subject a little Don Omar is going to South of Korea and singing his great music to 5 military bases, so i really admire him for doing that.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Video Angelito Vuela

Well everybody is talking about the album Kings of Kings and his hit song "Angelito Vuela" which the song gives a message that love can reach deadly consecuences beacuse of the std's. So remember to always protect yourself and don't let one night ruin your life. Here i have the video i hope you like it.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Don Omar In Hospital

Don Omar was hospitalize in New Jersy, because he started vomiting and fainting . The reggaeton star started feeling bad when he arrived to Puerto Rico which could be related to the intense stress he has in his agenda which he started in November. The press conference and the interviews he had planed in New York has been cancelled.

Update-The rumors that Don Omar was in the hospital were false said his publicize. The interviews and press conference was canceled due to a meeting with his doctor because he wasn't feeling well. Now he is back and doing his promotional tour of his album "Kings Of Kings". He is also going to the Puerto Rican parade which is on June 11th. So for does that had questions about Don Omar health he is fine and feeling better then ever.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Don Omar #1 En Sell's

The Puerto Rican Don Omar has the best selling album this week and maybe is one of the reasons the album is called "Kings Of Kings". But now there is a lot of buzz in the air because there are fans that didn't like some tracks of Don Omar saying that they were wack. I can understand that people dont like every single track in the song its normal. Steffen Riise Andersen said in summary that people expected to much from the album "Kings Of kings" but high hopes equals to easy disappointment. Some fans mentioned that there were no direct beats produced by Luny Tunes and probably that's why people are saying these things about some tracks. From what many are saying the best songs that fans like are "Contteo", "Reportense", "Tu No Sabes", "Infieles", and of course "Angelito Vuela". In my opinion the album is good and i like almost all of the tracks but people are saying these comments because there not used to a different styles that Don Omar has implemented in the songs. But even if 100% of the people didn't like the some songs he still manages to be number one in the "Top Latin Album" and number 7 in the "Billboard 200".

Friday, June 02, 2006

Don Omar and Britney Spears

The records sells that New York has of Britney Spears was broken with the Puerto Rican Don Omar, which did history in the store Virgen Mega on Disney, Florida when thousands of his fans went to buy his new album Kings Of The Kings and also to get pictures and autographs from him. His new song "Angelito Vuela" is has or more famous then his old song "Pobre Diabla" which everybody remembers. Also Don Omar went to the store of Best Buy were he also singed autographs and it's calculated that more then 1,545 people were there. Another place he went was in the city of Tacoma Parck in Maryland, thousands of people circled the bus were Don Omar was, which police had to intervene so they could control the area. The reggaeton artist has programed a tour in Latin America which is going to start in the country of Venezuela, and have several presentations. Omar is coming to New York on on the June 7th to do a press conference and also some interviews. Don Omar said that having his album "Kings Of Kings" is another dream that has come true and he is very proud of himself.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Don Omar And Vin Diesel

Don Omar had a private little party some days ago which he presented his new album Kings of kings. One special guest that was invited to the private party was Vin Diesel which he said he was a fan of Don Omar and liked his music a lot. Don Omar was surprised that Vin got on stage to sing with him so now people know that Ven Diesel has some reggaeton to him. Don Omar mentioned that Vin Diesel is a a super great person and that he didn't know Vin was a fan of him. Omar in some days is going to record the song "Conteo" which also is going to be included in the movie "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift". Vin Diesel is negotiating so that Don Omar could take part in the movie so that's pretty cool to hear. Don mentioned that if they give him the opportunity he is not going to think twice.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Don Omar Starts His Tour

The great star of reggaeton Don Omar is starting his tour of his most recent album "Kings Of Kings" and is going to visit city's like New Jersey, Orlando, and Washington. Omar said that he is very happy that he is going to be with his fans and that finally the public could hear is new production. He mentioned that he his going to visit all the stores and be with the people that has been with him since he started and also the new fans that are starting to like the reggaeton. It has been a very long time that Don Omar didn't make a album like 3 years, but finally he did it and it seems that its going to be a hit.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Don Omar On MTV

Picture of Don Omar

Recently Don Omar was in the show My block from MTV. There he shows when he goes to the cockfights which its a normal hobby for lots of Puerto Ricans but in the USA it has been banned. It is a regular tradition in Puerto Rico and the main events of cockfights are in Sundays. Don Omar said "I make my music, I make my things. The people give it to me. And you know what? We love that here, we love our culture, we love everything. I'm so proud to be Puerto Rican, to be a Latino. I've got my family, got my people showing me love. I love that. I came from that place where people really need to express themselves." Don Omar when has free time he likes riding motorcycles with his crew and doings some cool stunts. Also he spends lots of his time in Pinones with his fans and playing some checkers. Don Omar says he is very pround of being Latino. And by the way his album "Kings of Kings" already has sold 500,000 copies so he is making it big time.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Don Omar And His New Album "King of Kings"

The boricua Don Omar is very close to lunch his third album named "Kings of Kings" and in his song "Angelito" there is some balada to it and lots of people like that. The first cut of the video "Angelito" is filmed in Rome, he says he wanted to make it there so there could be something different and give the video some attitude. Also Don Omar is his own producer so that's pretty cool. He says that people say he is the king of the kings which in his long career he has sold more the 3 million copies of his albums which has made the public dance his music with songs like "Pobre Diabla", "Corazon Latino", and "Dile". The album "King of Kings" is hitting stores in May 23 and has 18 songs. Also he is planning on doing a tour on Mexico sarting in June. So once agian Don Omar is going to make it big, lets see how many albums this great artist can sell.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Don Omar Sings With Gloria Trevi

Don Omar, Gloria Trevi, and other famous artists sang and recorded the The Star Spangled Banner to support the fight of the immigrants. The subject of the song was recorded by the seal Latin roots Urban Box Office. UBO said that the song which is produced by Eduardo Kings reflected the Hispanic inheritance but at the same time the structure that it defines to The Star Spangled Banner. Also each artist had the option to sing in english or spanish.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Don Omar, Pit Bull, and Voltio

Great reggaeton stars like Don Omar, Pitbull, and Voltio did a performance in New York city for the benefit to raise awareness and prevent the HIV/AIDES disease. They want to let the public know that HIV and AIDES is spreading very fast and they want to let the public know to always test yourself for this disease and also always to use protection. All of this it to raise awareness of this disease and like Pitbull said he needed these types of events back in the day. Don Omar sang "Dale" and "Reggaeton Latino" wearing a nice hat and lots of jewerly.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Don Omar Makes New Video

The puertorriquen artist Don Omar is going to record a new video in Rome next week on his new song "Angelito Vuela". The song is part of his most recent album called The King Of The King which is going on sell in May. People say that the song "Angelitos Vuela" is about the constant fight between the good and bad. He decided that Rome is the best place record. It is going to be very interesting to see it beacuse Don Omar has never done a video there so lets see how it turns out.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Don Omar in San Francisco

On February 3 Don Omar did a concert in San Francisco were more then 5,000 people showed up. Some other artist that were there that Friday night was Andy Boy one of the most popular duo artist in Puerto Rico and Luna which he made the public dance a lot. The concert only lasted 45 minutes but Don Omar did a great show and people had lots of fun that night.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Nominations Premio Lo Nuestro

The album Chosen Few/Emerald received two nominations in the urban music stock category for the once a year show Premio Lo Nuestro. The award ceremoney is going live Febuary 23,2006. The album sold more then 50,000 copies and has a dvd which shows the history where the reggaeton started. There is going to be a new album coming up that is going to be called El Documental 2 which ther are going to be plently of reggeaton artist like Don Omar, Angel y Khriz, Zion and Lennox, LDA, and more. The awards are going to be choosen by the votes people make threw the internet. Thanks to stars like Don Omar, and Daddy Yankee reggeaton has gone worldwide and still growing in popularity. Many say that music colleges are now more populated beacuse of stars like Omar and Daddy.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Don Omar News

Don Omar today went to his country and gave out a free concert to celabrate the holidays. Lots of fans were there and everybody had fun and enjoyed his great music. Also wanted to say that Daddy Yankee gave Don Omar a gift rumors say it was a shirt. So they don"t hate each other like people think they do.

Don Omar News

Don Omar went today to la isla del encanto to celebrate Dia de Reyes a very nice and old tradition from his country. In that day kids get gifts kinda like christmas. There Don Omar went to the mall and spent time with the children giving out gifts like childrens music cd's, books and autographs. The good thing about Don Omar is no matter how much money and fame he has he is always thinking of his people.