Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Don Omar Nominated

Don Omar is now nominated for best Latin artist in the VMAs. He has proven to the public that he loves his career and he only does top quality music. Omar has traveled the world promoting his songs everywhere, and now its paying off. Don Omar is competing with artist like Daddy Yankee and Shakira, so its going to be a tuff competition.

His latest album has been a mayor success and has sold more copies then any other album Omar has made.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Don Omar Returns

As many of you know the last time Don Omar went to Mexico it was a mayor success and the concert was one of the best. All the tickets sold out and he made everybody dance his music. Now Don Omar is going to repeat this because he is going back to Mexico on September 15th, as part of his promotional tour.

There were many rumors that Don Omar was going to cancel everything because he was very sick, but he said he is already feeling better and that he would never do that to his fans. So we hope Don Omar recovers fast, and that you make history over at Mexico.