Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Don Omar On MTV

Picture of Don Omar

Recently Don Omar was in the show My block from MTV. There he shows when he goes to the cockfights which its a normal hobby for lots of Puerto Ricans but in the USA it has been banned. It is a regular tradition in Puerto Rico and the main events of cockfights are in Sundays. Don Omar said "I make my music, I make my things. The people give it to me. And you know what? We love that here, we love our culture, we love everything. I'm so proud to be Puerto Rican, to be a Latino. I've got my family, got my people showing me love. I love that. I came from that place where people really need to express themselves." Don Omar when has free time he likes riding motorcycles with his crew and doings some cool stunts. Also he spends lots of his time in Pinones with his fans and playing some checkers. Don Omar says he is very pround of being Latino. And by the way his album "Kings of Kings" already has sold 500,000 copies so he is making it big time.


Anonymous said...

how did u get two mtv

estevan said...

when i go two school i here your songs on the way

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm very happy Don Omar was On MTV, I've seen the clip from MTV, and you can see the real deal, in Puerto Rico, Happy that Don Omar is representing P.R. and must tell you are very famous in Ecuador, everyone knows your name and Ecuador-Clubs play your music all the time, Especially Dale, and Dile Que Te conocie Bailando! its great

Love You

Veronica New York City