Monday, July 31, 2006

Don Omar With Madonna

Its been a while since i don't post her, but its because I'm working on other projects right now, and also because there isn't any new news on Don Omar, well today there is.

The King of reggaeton Don Omar is going to Rome again, but this time with the pop star Madonna. They are going to animate a very popular event in Rome, called Estate Romana. Its part of the Romans culture.

In the event there's going to be lots of music, live shows, food, exhibitions, and much more. You could compare this event with something like the Puerto Rican parade in New York, not exactly the same, but pretty close. Madonna and Don Omar animating the event is pretty weird, but lets see how it goes.

And remember guys, if you want to ask questions, or give me news on Don Omar you can email me anytime. My email address is at the bottom side of this page.


tay said...

oh my God!! i must go to rome...i hope to see he when i go... don omar te adoro...un beso

*francy* said...

can you please tell me more about it????i may have a chance to go to rome...but i have to know more about!!!!
i ABSOLUTELY wanna see HIM...
please help me!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I Freakin Want To Go to Rome With Him I Am Serious In LOVE With Don Omar