Saturday, January 13, 2007

Don Omar Conteo

Don Omar the other day was saying some bad things about Daddy Yankee, so it seems this fight its never going to be over. Don Omar is really pissed of at Daddy Yankee and Hector the Father. The 1 million dollar question is why? It has to be something real series, maybe in the future we will know why Omar has such a big anger against these rappers

Changing the subject, i wanted to bring you one of my favorite songs back, you all remember this one, Pobre Diabla, here is video:


tania said...

let's pray it will stay war between words and nothing else.

VEЯŎ said...

very very cooooooooooolllll

Anonymous said...

Don Omar Is me MALOY please send me a email I need to get in touch with you