Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Don Omar #1 En Sell's

The Puerto Rican Don Omar has the best selling album this week and maybe is one of the reasons the album is called "Kings Of Kings". But now there is a lot of buzz in the air because there are fans that didn't like some tracks of Don Omar saying that they were wack. I can understand that people dont like every single track in the song its normal. Steffen Riise Andersen said in summary that people expected to much from the album "Kings Of kings" but high hopes equals to easy disappointment. Some fans mentioned that there were no direct beats produced by Luny Tunes and probably that's why people are saying these things about some tracks. From what many are saying the best songs that fans like are "Contteo", "Reportense", "Tu No Sabes", "Infieles", and of course "Angelito Vuela". In my opinion the album is good and i like almost all of the tracks but people are saying these comments because there not used to a different styles that Don Omar has implemented in the songs. But even if 100% of the people didn't like the some songs he still manages to be number one in the "Top Latin Album" and number 7 in the "Billboard 200".

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