Friday, June 02, 2006

Don Omar and Britney Spears

The records sells that New York has of Britney Spears was broken with the Puerto Rican Don Omar, which did history in the store Virgen Mega on Disney, Florida when thousands of his fans went to buy his new album Kings Of The Kings and also to get pictures and autographs from him. His new song "Angelito Vuela" is has or more famous then his old song "Pobre Diabla" which everybody remembers. Also Don Omar went to the store of Best Buy were he also singed autographs and it's calculated that more then 1,545 people were there. Another place he went was in the city of Tacoma Parck in Maryland, thousands of people circled the bus were Don Omar was, which police had to intervene so they could control the area. The reggaeton artist has programed a tour in Latin America which is going to start in the country of Venezuela, and have several presentations. Omar is coming to New York on on the June 7th to do a press conference and also some interviews. Don Omar said that having his album "Kings Of Kings" is another dream that has come true and he is very proud of himself.

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